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Cable Overmolding

Custom Overmolding and Potting

We have two-shot, two-color and two-material overmolding capabilities. We custom overmold wire terminations to ensure pull strength, to act as a protectant moisture seal, and for an overall cleaner-looking connection.

Step 1:

Cable Assembly

cable assembly
Step 2:


cable pre-mold
Step 3:

Finished Overmold

completed cable overmolding

Each die is singularly produced to spec, guaranteeing an unwavering replication of your product. Our mold engineers monitor the production of these assemblies to ensure they comply with all environmental parameters, moisture requirements, and are rugged enough to exceed the harsh conditions of their applications. Also, our overmolded assemblies can be customized to include company logos and markings.

Some benefits to using our molding capabilities include:

  • Prototype molds/low-volume production molds within 2-3 weeks
  • Two-shot, two-color, and dual material overmolding capabilities
  • Full-service engineering support (design assistance and product development)


potting cable assemblies
electronic potting

We also offer potting services. Potting is a process of filling an electronic assembly with a compound that:

  • Waterproofs the connector
  • Increases resistance to shock and vibration
  • Acts as an additional strain relief

Compared to injection molding, potting is a cost-effective alternative with similar benefits. We also offer a quick turnaround on low-volume potting orders.

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